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Seminar with Professor Paula Rabinowitz

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  • 日時:2015年6月4日(木)午後1時〜3時
  • 場所:一橋大学東キャンパス国際研究館4階 AV室1(アクセス
  • 使用言語:英語
  • その他:予約不要、入場自由
  • お問合せ:越智博美(一橋大学商学研究科教授)、井上間従文(一橋大学言語社会研究科准教授)




Professor Paula Rabinowitz's research, teaching and training are in the areas of American materialist feminist cultural studies. Her work considers the interlocking roles of cinema, photography, painting in and through twentieth century literature. She focuses on contemporary and modernist American women's art and literature; her work explores hidden histories within working-class, pulp and popular cultures. (http://english.umn.edu)