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1st Division (Graduate Program in Humanities) Staff List

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Full-time Staffs
NameResearch FieldLectures (Example)
ARIGA NobumichiHistory of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Exhibitions and Archives of Science and TechnologyHistory and Philosophy of Science, Classical Philosophy, Lecture on Museum Collection
INOUE MayumoAmerican Literature, Postcolonial Cultural Studies, Aesthetic TheoriesAnglophone Cultures
OGATA IchiroGerman Literature, Cultural HistoryGermanophone Literatures, Introduction to Logic
KAWAMOTO ReikoAnglophone CulturesAnglophone Cultures
KOIZUMI MasayaHistory of Western Art,Cultural Exchange between Japan and France, CollectionArt History, Introduction to Museology
KOIWA ShinjiMusicology, Western Music HistoryMusic
KOSEKI TakeshiHistory of Thought, French literaturesFrancophone Cultures
SAKAI Hirobumi*1History of Modern Chinese Literature(1920-40)Sinophone Literatures、Sinophone Cultural Studies
SUENAGA ErikoModern French Philosophy, Religious PhilosophyModern Thought
TAKEMURA TomokoLiteraureVisual Art Studies, Imagology, Japanese Cultures, Literature in General
NAKAI Asako20th Centuri English Literature, Modern Immigration literatures, Criticism TheoriesAnglophone Literatures
NAKAYAMA ToruEnglish Literature, Criticism TheoriesPhilosophy (Contemporary), Anglophone Literatures, Anglophone Cultural Studies
HOSHINA HironobuTaiwan LiteratureChinese Asian Literatures, Chinese Asian Cultures
MATSUBARA MakotoModern Japanese literatureJapanese Literatures, Japanese Cultural Studies, Comparative Cultural Studies
MIHARA YoshiakiLiterature and Theories, Poetry and Criticism in English, Imperialism and Colonialism of Thought and CultureAnglophone Literatures, Anglophone Cultural Studies
YASUDA ToshiakiHistory of Sociolongustics in JapanLanguage Policy Studies
YOSHIDA ShingoTaiwan (Sociology), Taiwanese (Linguistics)Sociolinguistics
Corporative / Collaborative Staffs
NameResearch FieldLectures (Example)
KANAI Yoshihiko (Graduate School of Law)Irish Literature, English Literature, Anglo-Irish LiteratureSpecial Research for Anglophone Language and Culture
SASAKURA Kazuhiro*1 (Graduate School of Economics)Classical Chinese Literature, Chinese EducationChinese Asian Literature, Chinese Asian Cultures
TERAO Satoshi (Graduate School of Social Sciences)Japanese linguistics, Humanities & Social Sciences, Foreign language educationLanguage and Society
YUASA Yoshiko*2Modern Japanese Literature Asian Cultures