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Asian Culture Course: A Collaboration with Tokyo Gakugei University

In April of 2007, Tokyo Gakugei University and Hitotsubashi University established a collaborative lecture, known as the "Asian Culture Course," as part of the Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA); the purpose of this lecture included collaborative research and education in East Asian and Japanese culture studies. We have asked participating Tokyo Gakugei University faculty members, as cooperative professors at Hitotsubashi University, to take charge of the exercises and provide research guidance for graduate students.

Research Field : Studies of Ningyo Joruri (Japanese Puppet Theatre)、Studies of Kabuki(Traditional Japanese Theater Form)、Studies of Kusa-Zoushi
ISHII Masami
Research Field : Japanese Literature, Ethnology, Philology
SATOH Masamitsu
Research Field : Chinese Classic Literature, Chinese Philology
YUASA Yoshiko
Research Field : Modern Japanese Literature, Japanese Literature