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"The GENSHA-ken Project"

Every year from 2006 to 2016, the Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA), with the help of volunteer teachers, has adopted a unique project known as the "GENSHA-ken Project." Though budgets for individual projects were small (really small!), they were carried out for a period of two years and included work on the creation of projects such as continuing collaborative research workshops, academic exchange networks with universities in East Asian countries/regional collaborative activities, the publishing of English-language journals, and more. All of these individual projects have served as the seeds for activities that have had a significant impact on the future of the GENSHA.

After ten years of uninterrupted activity, the project is currently on pause. The GENSHA, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, is currently considering the next necessary steps.

Year Project Name Project Manager
2006 アイデンティティ・ポリティックスの観点から見た言語政策の比較研究 KASUYA Keisuke
2007 オートバイオグラフィーとオートフィクション――近代における<私>語りの変容 MORIMOTO Athuo
2008 Construction of the Chinese Modern Literature Reseach Network SAKAI Hirobumi
2009 百学連環の計――リベラルアーティスト炎上の巻 TAKEMURA Tomoko
2010 Transatlantic Modernism NAKAI Asako
2011 1930年代台湾における大衆文化 HOSHINA Hironobu
2012 大学院における研究成果の社会的還元のための言社研的モデリング I TAKEMURA Tomoko
2013 Bridging Social Left and Cultural Left NAKAYAMA Toru
2014 Construction of the Chinese Modern Literature Reseach Network(第Ⅲ期) SAKAI Hirobumi
2014 大学院における研究成果の社会的還元に関する言社研的モデリングⅡ TAKEMURA Tomoko
2015 「モダニズム」(近代・現代)文学・思想・文化にかんする研究のための英語ジャーナルの創刊 NAKAI Asako
2015 大学院における研究成果の社会的還元に関する言社研的モデリングⅢ TAKEMURA Tomoko
2016 「モダニズム」(近代・現代)文学・思想・文化にかんする研究のための英語ジャーナルの創刊(つづき) NAKAI Asako
2016 個人的なことと政治的なこと――アイデンティティ・ポリティクスの再検討 NAKAYAMA Toru
2016 言語社会研究科の文化資源と学術成果の展示研究 KOIZUMI Masaya