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Correspondence: Hitotsubashi Journal of Arts and Literatureis a peer-reviewed English journal published by the GENSHA. Launched in 2016, the title of the journal refers to the publication's aim to further promote the international exchange of research in the humanities. The journal designates different themes for each issue, and holds lecture events to which researchers from English-speaking countries specializing in that specific theme are invited. During the events, a workshop is held where GENSHA graduate students present their own research, thus providing a forum for dialogue in order to deepen understanding of each other's research and to further develop their research topics.

The journal, whose deadline is at the end of October each year, has so far invited articles based on themes such as "Reconsidering the Nation" (issue #1) and "Feminist Narratives and Liberation" (issue #2). In addition to faculty member contributions, it has included papers by researchers from English-speaking countries who have participated in the events mentioned above. The contents of these articles include a variety of topics including postcolonial literature, English literature, American literature, art theory, university theory, analysis of popular culture, policy analysis, and so on. Correspondence is currently accepting papers on various research topics. If you are interested in participating in editing activities related to the journal, contact This is an image of e-mail address because of anti-spam.

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