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Provision of Accommodations for Overseas Examinees (SUSPENDED)

This is a notification regarding the provision of accommodations for overseas examinees who have applied for a short-term stay visa for the examination period.

Taking the time required for visa acquisition into account, applications from oversees examinees are accepted one month prior to the usual application period (mail from foreign countries is not accepted).

However, the documentation given to applicants will still be an exam admission ticket only (this graduate school cannot issue other documents such as personal references, stay schedules, invitation letters, or certificates of employment for individuals providing personal references).

Examination fees cannot be refunded after the application procedure has been completed, even if the applicant is unable to acquire a short-term visa for the examination period. Please carefully confirm the requirements for visas with the Japanese Embassy, Japanese Consulate, or other official organizations in advance.

Please be aware that even during this special application period, only application documents mailed from within Japan will be accepted. In addition, exam admission tickets will only be mailed to addresses in Japan.

If you would like to submit an application during this special handling period, please notify the office of this graduate school through a contact in Japan.