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2021 Admissions

Information Sessions

On-line Information Sessions for 2021 (Master's Degree Programs)

On-line Information Sessions for 2021 Master's Degree Programs (1st Division and 2nd Division) will be held on 8th August 2020 (Sat)

NEW ! Learn more about our graduate school and 2021 Admissions to MA programs at our Japanese website (with videos).

Regarding 1st Division, a visual presentation of our graduate school at the beginning of the information sessions every year will be given on-line this time. The content will be available for viewing two weeks before the information session. As part of the session during the ZOOM meeting, you will have a chance to meet our faculty members who will answer your inquiries directly. Please feel free to join. For details please visit our "Information Session for 1st Division (Japanese webpage)".

Regarding 2nd Division, For details please visit our "Information Session for 2nd Division (Japanese webpage)".

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the entrance exams (written and oral) scheduled to take place according to the exam guidelines will remain unchanged for the time being and we have no intention to conduct on-line entrance examination at this moment. However in case of future changes in the conditions where modifications are made, we will inform you on our website. Please check back again before participating in the information sessions.

27th July 2020

Information Sessions for 2020 Fall (Master's Degree Programms in 1st and 2nd Divisions) Finished
Information Sessions for 2020 Spring (Master's Degree Programm in 1st Division) Finished