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2021 Admissions


Please obtain applications by the following means.

All applicants can download from this page. Click below buttons to obtain neccesary applicants
Requesting by mail
Specify as "Request for **** application" so that you can identify the type of neccesary applications (Master's degree program in 1st Division / Master's degree program in 2st Division / Doctor's degree porgram (internal) / Doctor's degree porgram (external)), enclose the reply envelope 【The address and name are described, and the stamp 140 yen is attached to the size that A4 paper enters. Enclosed an international reply stamp certificate (INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON) 3 sheets equivalent from the weight from overseas】, please request at "Kanagawa City National University 2-1, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School for Language and Society, 186-8601."

On all applications, we can not accept anything received outside of the designated submission period.

Application Download

Master's degree program in 1st Division (Humanities) (SPRING)
Only When Necessary
Doctor's degree porgram (internal students)
Doctor's degree porgram (external applicants)
Only When Necessary