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English Specialization Qualification Program

The Program will be removed from the curriculum starting April 2022. Meanwhile students enrolled in or before 2021 will still be eligible for certification upon completion.

A Special Education License is one of the standard teacher's licenses stipulated in the Teacher's License Act; a Master's degree from a graduate school is the basic qualification. By acquiring the predetermined credits at the graduate school, an individual with Type 1 certification can obtain a higher level teaching license, in addition to obtaining a Master's degree.

At the Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA), individuals can acquire a Junior High School Teacher Specialization License (English)/High School Teacher Specialization License (English). In the Master's program, a license may be acquired after obtaining more than 24 credits from the designated subject(s) (listed in column 3 below).

For details, please contact the Registrar's Offices, Educational Affairs Section (teacher in charge), TEL: 042-580-8110.