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Curator Qualification Program

Curators are professional personnel engaged in collection, storage, exhibition, research, and other businesses related to materials found at museums, art museums, and other institutions in accordance with Museum Law. The Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA) began offering courses for acquiring these curator qualifications in April of 2002. Because the program is offered at a graduate school, its limitation to graduate students in Master's/doctoral courses is a significant feature of the program.

Although it is possible to earn curator qualification in as little as 2 years, it is difficult to acquire the total 19 units required while also in the process of conducting one's own research. However, there are benefits to beginning work towards curator qualification in graduate schools with academic expertise, if the individual has a clear idea of what they want to do in the future. Of specific note is the in-depth guidance that can be provided due to our small class size, and the opportunity for active exchange with graduate students from other graduate schools, specifically from the Graduate School of Sociology. The program is a prime opportunity for graduate students to practice independent learning.

Given the economic circumstances in recent years, it has become difficult to acquire a job that makes full use of curator qualifications. Nonetheless, multiple students find employment at museums, art museums, and foundations related to cultural promotion every year.

Between 2004 and 2018, 32 people from the Hitotsubashi graduate schools were employed at various museums, art museums, and foundations/institutions related to cultural promotion. The following is a list of organizations at which students have been hired thus far. Unless otherwise noted, these indicate students who have been hired as curators or researchers. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience gained, students may also be offered a job as a university faculty member.