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Thesis Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Master's Thesis Examination

The Master's program aims to cultivate a deep understanding of the general humanities from a broad perspective, develop basic research capabilities in a specialized field, and enhance the ability to take up occupations that require a high level of expertise.

The Master's thesis shows that the author has expertise in their field of research/subject, and has the wide range of cultural knowledge on general humanities necessary for advanced professionals; it is evaluated based on the following criteria.

Evaluation Criteria for PhD Thesis Examination

In the examination review of a PhD Thesis, the paper is evaluated based on the following criteria.

With regards to A:

Based on whether/to what extent the research reflects the primary review points.

With regards to B:

Based on whether or not the candidate reflects the primary review points.

The above examination criteria and examination points shall be applied flexibly, with consideration for the field of research and various other conditions particular to the subject of research.