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Career and Vocational Support

Long-term Course System

The Long-term Course Student System allows students to flexibly acquire a degree over a period of time that exceeds the standard Master's degree period (2 years); this is often due to individual circumstances including full-time employment, etc. This system only applies to the Master's program.

If accepted as a long-term student, the maximum period of study is 4 years with a tuition fee equal to that of the 2-year program (standard course of study). It is to be paid by the student, with the total amount divided according to yearly, pre-recognized academic terms (semesters).

Those who wish to participate in long-term courses must submit the necessary documents in advance, including the "long-term student application form" along with other requested documents, which will be subject to review.

Persons eligible for the long-term student application include anyone who belongs to the following categories:

  1. Persons employed at a job where they work 32 hours or more per week.
  2. Persons who find it difficult to enroll as full-time students due to childcare needs, long-term care needs, etc.
    1. Childcare needs apply to persons with children who are preschool-age or younger.
    2. Long-term care needs apply to persons responsible for the care of another person (care recipients). Applicable care recipients include the following:
      1. Spouse
      2. Parent
      3. Child
      4. Parent of Spouse
      5. Grandparents, siblings, or grandchildren living with applicant
  3. Persons who may find it difficult to enroll as full-time students due to physical disability or illness.

The long-term student application form is available for download here (Japanese).