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Course Introduction

"The Words Connecting Asia"

As one of the special classes of the Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA), we would like to introduce the relay lecture course entitled "Language and Society A: The Asian Community Theory - The Words Connecting Asia." This lecture is sponsored by the "One Asia Foundation," and is s a continuous lecture series held under the framework of basic lecture "Language and Society A."

As globalization progresses in the modern world, national borders are gradually becoming more relative; at the same time, interest in regional communities that exist beyond national identity is on the rise. In this course, through recognition of various phenomena related to languages and cultures which exist throughout the expanse known as "Asia," we will deepen the recognition of culture that goes beyond the "nation" and explore the possibility of a cultural "Asian community."

The purpose of the lecture is, from a language-based/cultural perspective, to understand diversity and mutuality in Asia and to clarify that the "Asian community" is a world of rich diversity supported by the history and culture of each society. Classes are woven together every year, making full use of the school's rich connections by inviting a variety of guest speakers.

For details, see the syllabus (the syllabus can be accessed without an account).