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Research Ethics Philosophy and Policies (official)

  1. Social Responsibility

    All researchers (including teachers, researchers, graduate students, and research students) constituting the Graduate School of Language and Society shall conduct research in good faith with an awareness of academic research and social responsibility, and shall commit to the intent to actively respond to the demands of the times and of society.

  2. Exploration of Truths

    Researchers shall explore the truth in their research activities, and shall abstain from acts contrary to it. They shall neither forge nor tamper with it.

  3. Respect for Autonomy

    Researchers shall carry out their research independently, and shall respect the autonomy of other researchers. In quoting or referencing previous research, fair and appropriate use shall be thoroughly carried out without plagiarism.

  4. Respect for Expertise

    Researchers shall follow ethical standards established in the field of research in which they specialize, and shall at the same time, respect academic positions and expertise. When publishing research results, researchers shall respect the practices specific to each field of research.

  5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    In carrying out research and publishing results, researchers shall comply with relevant laws and ordinances, general social norms, and various regulations on campus grounds.

  6. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

    Researchers shall properly perform procedures related to intellectual property rights, including copyrights.

  7. Protection of Personal Information

    Researchers shall protect personal information obtained in the process of research, and shall treat this information carefully and appropriately.

  8. Proper Use of Research Funds

    Researchers shall use research funds appropriately.

  9. Calibrated Performance Evaluation

    When evaluating the research achievements of others, the researcher shall strive to fairly evaluate them based on clear and objective examination criteria, without prejudice, as much as possible.

  10. Improvement of Environment and Establishment of Structure

    The Graduate School of Language and Society will continue to work towards the improvement of research ethics-related education and research environments, and will continue building structures to prevent misconduct.

December 1st, 2015