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About the GENSHA (Graduate School of Language and Society)

Structure of the Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA) – The 1st and 2nd divisions

The Graduate School of Language and Society (GENSHA) not only contributes to the development of various fields in the humanities through research and education on languages, society, cultures, etc. but also aims to provide training to highly skilled professionals who are capable of solving various issues in contemporary society with the deep culture of humanities. To achieve this goal, we provide two divisions: the "Language and Society Division (1st division)" and the "Japanese Language/Japanese Culture Division (2nd division)." Although the entrance examinations are held in each division for the Master's program and the educational courses basically follow each framework, both divisions belong to the "Language and Society Major." It is possible to interact with each other.

In the 1st division, various arenas of humanities such as languages, schools of thought, literature, and arts are included so that we can endeavor to train people with ample knowledge of the humanities but also expertise in their own fields. From traditional approaches to new ones, our goal is to contemplate the presence of the humanities and to touch upon its active essence together to cultivate the future for science by managing classes that can broadly cover humanistic topics and the small but well-selected class networking arrangement.

The 2nd division is managed with the cooperation of the Center for Global Education and Exchange and the National Institution for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL). Our purpose is to train experts who can meet the new-era needs in the fields of Japanese language education and Japanese linguistics while maintaining a flexible understanding with the 1st division, and to organize a place for those undergoing training who want to succeed globally in the arena of Japanese education, while welcoming several overseas students. Students who complete the Master's program of the 2nd division by fulfilling certain conditions shall be awarded with the "Japanese Education Program Completion Certificate" in addition to the standard diploma(s), as proof of their acquisition of advanced expertise.