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This page will introduce hidden locations and other interesting things found in and around the GENSHA facilities (International Research Center).

Part 1

A Butterfly Specimen

A butterfly specimen in a classroom that was captured during a seminar. It can be found decorating the walls of the International Research Center. Actually, it is rumored that there are many individuals obsessed with butterflies in the GENSHA.

Part 2

The Door to an Instructor's Lab

A picture of the door to an instructor's lab. The doors of the faculty labs are unique in that various things can be hung on them for fun.

Part 3

The Development Room (Provisional)

A picture of the development room (provisional) that is said to exist somewhere in the International Research Center. Development members gather here unnoticed every week; after repeated investigations into the organization, we were able to create this website.

Part 4

A Pair of GENSHA Logo Badge

Special Campaign GENSHA logo badge. Further efforts and uses for these campaign goods are currently under consideration.