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国際交流セミナー A Book Talk on Poetics of Breathing: Modern Literature’s Syncope (SUNY Press, 2021)

  • 日時:2024年7月11日(木)17:10~19:10
  • 講師:Stefanie Heine(Assistant Professor, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University)(Visiting Scholar, Hitotsubashi University)
  • 場所:一橋大学国立キャンパス(東) 国際研究館5F 共同研究室3(建物配置図
  • 入場無料、予約不要
  • A PDF excerpt of Professor Heine’s book is available on request
  • 問合せ:井上 間従文(一橋大学)

In this book talk and guest lecture, Professor Heine will discuss a link between a poetics of breathing and Jean-Luc Nancy’s theorization of syncope, examine the actual formal practices of this poetics especially in the works of Samuel Beckett, and orient us toward a constitutively queer dimension of syncope as an event and symptom of traversal across bodies and cuts upon the subjectivities.